Games Played System -- How it Works

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Games Played System -- How it Works

Post by Perfect Cell on Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:30 pm

So you guys have probably seen that little "Games Played" thing under everyone's name right? Curious about it and thinking how does it work?

Allow me to explain how it works. The 'Games Played' system only goes up when you have played in an Official Game and finished it by either winning, or being killed. Inactive people dont get a free game played, and people who subbed out do not get a game played however there may be certain exceptions to that. The counter DOES NOT go up when playing side games as they are fun unofficial games to kill time or play whenever. This makes Official Games special and more important and should make everyone more motivated to play and win in Official Games and not be inactive because the 'Games Played' mechanic ties into becoming a Veteran.

In order to become a Veteran you will need to have reached 10+ games on your Games Played counter, and won at the very least of 3 of those games. That being said as of now I am stripping all current Veterans as it would be more fair to everyone if we all started fresh. Dont fret though, just meet the expectations and you will surely become a Veteran again!

Thank you all for understanding and please leave any questions or concerns about this you have in the proper thread. Have fun everyone!
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