Winners' Listings (Official Games)

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Winners' Listings (Official Games)

Post by MECHDRAGON777 on Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:04 pm

M1: For whom the Bell Tolls
Winners: Town
Sheriff: PixelPest
Doctor: FullMetalDragon
Watcher: PaperPlayerX
Loudmouth: npromin1
Townie: Blueoak
Townie: revoblam
Townie: MosaicMario
Townie: krazykat
Miller: Zeldamaster12
Millwright: Nuclear_Blaze

M2: From Under the Floorboards
Winners: Mafia
Cultist: TNTtimelord
Cultist: Stegosaurus
Cult Leader: Zeldamaster12

M3: Spooky Scary Vampires
Winners: Mafia
Head Vampire: MECHDRAGON777
Female Vampire: 8flight
Newbie Vampire: PixelPest
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